Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI)

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You can learn all about DSI, and, together we can change the face of DSI support in the UK.

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Be Aware

Being DSI / Deafblind / Sensory Impaired (SI) aware is essential in today’s social and health care services for staff, volunteers and people with sensory needs - especially older people with acquired DSI / SI - a growing part of society. Learn the Hi-Vis UK way - join our expanding local and national community and stay up to speed.

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Be Prepared

Every person is unique. How their sensory needs affect their wellbeing can only truly be understood on a one-to-on basis – you and the person with DSI / SI. Being and feeling prepared can be learning from scratch, refreshing knowledge, or learning something new – do all of these on our platform and always feel prepared.

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Be Confident

Learn what you need to know and be confident you can: accurately identify, efficiently assess, and effectively support people with DSI / SI. And be confident that you are doing it right - compliant with standards and duties - including the Care Act (2014), Equalities and Diversity, Government Guidance.

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Be Better

Who doesn’t want to find ways to be better at what they do and how to support others with confidence and sensitivity? 

But always being on top of your game takes time, energy, and commitment – the “Hi-Vis UK learning way” tackles this head-on by giving you control over where, when, and how often you spend learning. 

Whether this is non-accredited or awareness level learning, CPD awarded, or full accredited qualification learning, do it with Hi-Vis UK.

Learn online with Hi-Vis UK

Take a look at this selection from our courses to get your appetite going!


Awareness and introduction to DSI for anyone interested in this condition.


See which courses you can do as non-accredited and how you can earn CPD points.

Accredited & CPD

Choose courses that are accredited by leading awarding bodies including the CPDSO.

Hi-Vis UK & CPDSO, supporting higher standards in DSI care 

Hi-Vis UK is a registered accredited member of the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO), the prestigious global CPD Standards Community of trainers and coaches. As an accredited  CPDSO member you can be assured our courses meet the highest standards in training and learning.  This means you can choose between an accredited OCN course qualification or a CPD accredited award including CPD points for individual units of learning to suit your organisation’s needs.

Image of the UK CPD Standards Organisation (CPDSO) digital badge confirming Hi-Vis UK is an accredited training provider organisation with CPDSO.

Hi-Vis UK & SCIE reaching out to providers

Hi-Vis UK and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) are longstanding partners working together to ensure health and social care providers and their people meet their statutory and service needs with regard to DSI service users. We do this by ensuring everyone in health and social care gets to know about this specialist training and by making it easier to subscribe to the courses on offer. 

Learning together...

To change the face of DSI/SI support for people living with DSI/SI we need to understand how to: identify, assess, and work with them to meet their needs – now, and when their circumstances or needs change.

Here are just some of our growing learning community partners who have benefited from learning the Hi-Vis UK way:

Learning the Hi-Vis UK way: it works!

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