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Over 150 years of learning for you to tap into

The core DSI Project team has a uniquely wide range of expertise with many years of combined experience in sensory loss and rehabilitation, including dual sensory impairment, deafblindness, single sensory loss, acquired communication disorders, and disability.

We can call on 150 years of knowledge and skills in the sensory impairments and disability field, with experience and expertise at local, national and international level. Our team includes people with many years of social care service management experience and qualifications in DSI and Deafblindness up to level six.

Our courses are designed and delivered by qualified teachers and trainers whilst our admin team has over 20 years of sensory impairment related work experience.

Because DSI Project is from the Hi-VisUK family, we work collaboratively and flexibly. Our wider team includes organisations and providers of care, individuals and families, online and digital learning designers, health and social care expertise, research and development expertise.

A better future for DSI / SI support through flexible learning

Digital learning is fast becoming something of a standard approach representing flexible, independent and cost effective learning. But it’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all learning place or need.

At DSI Project and Hi-Vis UK we are fully committed to learning delivered in ways that best fits the client whether that’s an individual or a commissioning authority, for example. 

This includes onsite (face to face, in class), online (digital, remote), some combination of both (blended).

We will be investing substantially in online learning for all of its many benefits for everyone but we will always be happy to deliver face to face whenever it is preferred. 

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Achieve your goals with the unique DSI Project team

Sometimes having a specialist you can talk with is the key to unlocking your ambitions – we are always available for that conversation. Whether it’s to look afresh at an old problem, or having that opportunity to kick-start a development or even having an extra pair of hands to help you create your vision, just get in touch

Solve Together

Our experienced, expert DSI/SI team can work alongside you to provide an impartial sounding board on your issues and ideas.

Learn Together

Talk with us about how we can tailor our learning to suit your needs with a tighter focus on the outcomes that matter to you - take a look below.

Shape Together

Learning, solving, talking, all help us get smarter at shaping services for local people, including our market shaping duty in the Care Act (2014).

Some of our online & onsite courses

Here is a selection of courses for you to look at. We are always improving and creating new courses and workshops based on what we learn from you and those with direct lived experience of dual and single sensory impairment. To find out what’s happening at DSI Project and Hi-Vis UK, and what’s in the pipeline, contact us for information.


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